Tuesday, 31 May 2011

$25 for a Tooth?

It seems the global economic crisis is yet to hit the Tooth Fairies HQ, kids around the globe are cashing in on their discarded molars and parents the tooth fairy is coughing up top dollar all the way.
I was informed yesterday by a rather proud wobbly-toothed Buzz that a kid from school received a whopping $25 for his most recent tooth loss. $25! Are you F’ing kidding me!!??  In my day I got $1 for the two front ones and 50c for the others if I was lucky.
 After mentioning the substantial tooth-inflation to a friend I was sent crashing off my high horse when told that yes $25 is a bit much for just any tooth, perhaps best reserved for the front ones and $10 is much more fitting for the regular ones. Um I’m not too good at maths but the kids lose 20 teeth each right, I have 4 kids and at $10 a pop that’s a massive $800. If I had $800 to spend on teeth I’d get that cavity fixed so I can eat ice cream again.
Buzz’s tooth finally fell out at school today, after losing it from his mouth, he lost it from his bag then to my dismay found it again. When we got home, he handed me the slightly discoloured looking eye tooth complete with traces of blood and dirt in the centre so I could place it in the jar on the window sill as to prevent further misplacements. I also set my iPhone to “remember the bloody tooth” so I don’t make that rather awkward mistake again...
Buzz ran off joyfully telling his brothers about all the things he is going to buy with his tooth fairy money. I think he is going to be sorely disappointed in the morning when he only finds a $1 coin and that this tooth fairy is a bit of a cheapskate!
How much money does the tooth fairy spend in your house hold? Is $25 ridiculous or do I need to get with the times?

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Down that Little Lane said...

OMG!!.. we are not onto teeth loosing yet but $25 is ridiculous xx