Thursday, 23 June 2011

Food, Fun and Fires in the Kitchen

I cant cook to save myself so in search of a quick fix way of turning DRAB food into FAB food, I went out and spent a considerable amount of hard earned dosh on THE magical kitchen appliance that promised to make me a Master Chef in no time.  I bought a Thermomix! 

Ta Daaaa!

But sadly, it turns out that the Thermomix has a few flaws:
 A) It doesn’t go to the shop and buy the correct ingredients for you.
 B) It lacks an oven attachment, thus not eliminating sunken cakes or scorch marks.
C) It s self cleaning feature doesn’t clean of burnt on hard stuff from when you don't read the recipe properly – that still requires the old fashioned pot scrubber method.
I have had her nearly 12 months and felt it was time to show her off to the Blogoshphere, so without further ado I would like to introduce my first (and probably only) Blogged Recipe, a failsafe of course:
Step 1: Clear out life savings and purchase Thermomix.
Step 2: Check what ingredients you need in your Thermomix Cookbook and chuck em in! If you do it in the specified order and press buttons as per recipe method.  It will look something like this:
FAB and totally how it's supposed to look
Step 3: Take a large tea spoon's worth of the mush ingredients at a time and roll them into balls and place on baking tray like this:

BEWARE – don’t space them to close to each other like this:

Or this happens:

A tad DRAB - I only did this for demonstration purposes of course *ahem*

SET OVEN TIMER – they take roughly 10-15 minutes depending on your oven.
Once cooked they will look something like this:

Somewhat uneven in size and shape perhaps, but the kids still loved them which is the most important thing.

WARNING, dont forget to set the oven timer or they will turn out more like this:
 Which is why whenever I bake I try to keep one of these handy:

A FAB way of putting out your kitchen fires!

  • This post was (obviously) NOT sponsered by 'Thermomix'. 
  • Taking advice from this blog page will not enable you to cook FAB Anzac bikkies. At all.
  • Please have your fire extinguishers serviced reguarly, it turns out they are a little DRAB when they are empty.
This has been another DRAB 2 FAB edition. Want to join in the link up party too?  Head over to the divine Diminishing Lucy and add your own Drab2Fab moment!


MultipleMum said...

This is great! An un-recipe of sorts. I am glad I am not the only one who struggles with baking (although I have to admit that the more I do it, and actually follow the recipe, the better I get!). I will give these FAB bikkies a go next time I am making ANZACs :-) x

Anne said...

Oh Suzi! That's way too funny! You're more game than me buying a Thermomix. Call me old fashioned but an oven will do for me any old day of the week. I've heard mixed reviews on the Thermomix and I certainly won't be bringing one home in a hurry.

Glad you liked my Osso Buco. I'd say there's a recipe somewhere out there on how to do it in a Thermomix. If you try it, let me know how you go.

Anne @ Domesblissity

skyelee said...

Don't you hate it when you can't blame bad cooking on your appliances? I'm sure that my oven/microwave/cooktop and frypan have ganged up on me! Will have to try these bikkies - they look so yum. Sadly do not have Thermomix, but I suppose that means there is one less appliance in the house to fight with!

Alex said...

Ba ha ha - too funny!

I always blame the appliances and not the chef too. My machines are useless cooks.

Naomi said...

I love anzacs... especially when they have choc chips in them!
I am so envious of your thermomix. For me, I blame the oven for all cooking related disasters... it's not my fault... surely!

Adalita said...

I too forget ingredients - burn them or under cook them. I have had some true disasters. I have tried and fool proof recipes that I use regularly.

Jane said...

Whenever I am cooking anything I always, always have to set the timer so it doesn't turn out like charcoal.

Marlee said...

Ha this was funny, and I love baking so it doesn't really matter what! Great post! New follower from Drab to Fab!

Seana Smith said...

Hello via Drab to Fab, this is so funny. I must one day go to a Thermomix demo, but just to look as I'm on a self-imposed gadget ban to the end of the year. My cooking is improving thanks to the hard efforts of many kind bloggers and their step-by-step pictures. I find the crucial ingredient in any cooking is solitude! If I have no 'helper's at all things turn out MUCH better.

Diminishing Lucy said...

You are funny.

I am torn with regard to my views on the Thermomix.

I am even more torn now!

Thanks for linking up to Diminishing Lucy's Drab to Fab...

Jane said...

I'm torn too. I have a 'friend' who is a sales person for them and of course she raves about how wonderful they are. I've read reviews and one suggested (and I think rightly so) that if you already have heaps of gadgets that you have paid good money for, that you are wasting more money on the Thermomix. I do like the idea of them - the concept I guess, but I would have to wait till my other gadgets died and who could wait for them all to go? Never going to happen at the one time (although, maybe I'd better watch my words!). I guess I am avoiding them on principle too. This friend has had clothing parties, sold Tupperware and had Enjo parties that I have supported, yet when I became a rep for the Body Shop at Home, she tried to get me to sell to her at cost in return for cheap tupperware. By that point, I'd already bought what I felt I needed from her so I felt a bit betrayed having helped her with all of her parties. I do look forward to hearing more about yours though!

Sannah said...

Haha!! Very funny post! I have a thermomix too, and love a lot of what it does, and wish that I could bake in it!! We recently moved, and the oven seems to burn EVERYTHING. Even recipes I have made for years and considered foolproof have been ruined. Have you made the thermomix lasagne? It is the best lasagne I have ever had!! Do you have any thermomix recipes that you use regularly or really like? (and no, I don't sell them :-)