Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Write on Wednesday

The wind is howling around the house, I gaze out the window upon the trees swaying violently on this cold grey day and I wait for a second expecting to hear the cracking sound that splits the air when a big gum gives up its fight and crashes to the ground.

My Border Collie is lying at my sneaker clad feet snoring gently, farting repeatedly and twitching his paw like he is chasing rabbits in his dreams, he looks old today and his black fur is greying slightly.
My head is aching rythmatically and I remove my unruly thick blonde hair from the grasp of the ponytail where it has spent the best part of the last 15 years in an attempt to relieve it.
I look at my hands as I type on the laptops warm keyboard, they are worn and wrinkled beyond my years, my wedding band has dulled and my nails are uneven from working in the garden yesterday.
 The wood fire is starting to die out and I glance outside to see the pile of wood waiting for me in the cold to collect it and re-stock the fire. The sun emerges for just a moment teasing me by warming my leg and disappearing again just as suddenly.
The hum of the computer is just audible through the din of window panes rattling and I wonder how the baby manages to sleep through it all as I escape the bad odour leaking from the dog and go to fetch a panadol and another coffee.

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InkPaperPen said...

Thanks for sharing a little piece of you with us. I love the bit about the teasing sun - there is such a wintery feel to your words. Thanks for joining in with Write On Wednesday, I hope you enjoyed it and will link up again next week. Oh, and hope the panadol and coffee did its job...

Lene said...

A joy to read. Sounds so peaceful and tranquil (apart from the smelly dog of course!)

Anonymous said...

I always think about our big gum tree next door when the wind is howling. It dropped huge strips of bark last night in a storm.
This gave us a great insight into your life. I'm a ponytail, worn fingernails girl too. :)

Car said...

I think the dog and his smelly bum adds to the atmosphere (literally) of your piece. Great work!

BTW we too have an old smelly bum dog, life wouldn't be the same without that lingering, wafting smell that is his farts.

redfootydragon said...

I can relate to the smelly dog bum - my smelly canine friend is lying a metre away as I type this!
I loved your piece! I got a very clear sense of your surroundings, your lifestyle, a visual image of you...wonderful writing!

Madmother said...

Sorry, yours was one I read then got pulled away before commenting, lol.

Do kick my butt if I do it again, was not intentional. You drew me into the room with you, definitely portayed images rather than just telling.

Am so looking forward to next week.

E. said...

Very descriptive. I'm so glad I don't have a smelly inside dog.

I, too hope the coffee and panadol worked on the headache. What is it with headaches at the moment.

It seems that every one has had one. :(