Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A June Afternoon

It’s Write on Wednesday time again, the long weekend threw me some and I almost forgot! This week the challenge set was to record a conversation between other people that didn’t know you are writing it down.Over a few minute period this is the conversation between my children sitting at the table next to me colouring in:
“I need the book!”
“Nah! I need it, give it to me!”
“Muuum? When are you going to buy some more printer ink? I want to copy this picture...”
“Get a da pinter eenk?”
“Mum Chloe wants to come in, can you help me open the door?”
“No NO NOOOOOoo I wanna da paper. Gett da paaper!”
“Oi! That’s not your pen!”
“Yeah! Amy gave it to me.”
“Nah! Thats mum’s pen not Amys”
Yeah! Amy gave it to me cause she likes me.
“Nah! She likes Buzz, not you! Muum Gucci’s got your pen!”
“How do you talk to a giant? – With big words!”
HAHAHAHA – and then they are all laughing like maniacs. Questions, complaints, fighting, it’s an everyday occurance. Should I be concerned? Do all kids spend more time fighting than playing?
The Princess is mostly a casual observer, she doesn’t say much yet, she interjects into the conversation occasionally to repeat something one of the others has said, generally things you prefer she wouldn’t like “shuddup” or she will ask for something they have “peas da paper?”.
Buzz is reading a joke book and making a paper pirate hat for Felix at the same time, he comes out with random jokes whilst Felix accuses him of sabotaging the pirate hat “see he doesn’t know how to make it! He’s tricking meee!” “Muuum Buzz is making a bad one for me!” He won’t try to do it himself but likes to criticize the brother helping him “Muuum! It’s too small!”
 Gucci is making his own pirate hat with a smirky grin on his face, “Im gunna give this to Amy at school tomorrow!” He may be only seven years old but he loves the girls and Amy is the latest crush to bestow folded paper goods upon.
“Mum look at this!”  Gucci has made Ben the teddy a miniature pirate hat and is singing sea chantys to him “Ahoy a pirates life for me... Muum can you take a photo? Then we can print it out and give it to Ben for his birthday!”

So that is my observation of conversational moment in time, I know I cheated by using the children who are oblivious to my writing in front of them, hey they would be oblivious to a Jumbo Jet landing on the table, but I am not quite ready for a cafe blog just yet. Want to join in the Write on Wednesday Challenges Fun? Hop over to Ink Paper Pen and Linky yourself up!


Car said...

Love it - well done on capturing so much conversation!

I only have the one child and some days she is constant non-stop chattering, I can't imagine adding more chatterboxes to the mix (though highly doubt they would get a word in edge wise with her!!!)

InkPaperPen said...

Absolutely not cheating! I came very close to copying down the conversation between my boys too. I especially like the way you have recorded the words so that they sound like the way kids use words :"Get a da pinter eenk." It is so worthwhile observing the conversation between children. They are so imaginative and creative! The bit about talking to a giant in BIG WORDS is the best part for me. Definitely an idea that could become a great little story if you could expand on it...don't you think? Thanks for joining in with Write On Wednesday! Gill xo

Madmother said...

Really, really effective dialogue writing.

Sarah Mac said...

So much chatter when children are together. It's lovely to capture some real gems you can keep forever.

Lene said...

This is lovely and you've done a great job keeping up with their flow of conversation. Sometimes it's really tough keeping up with active children but you've done a wonderful job!

Leanne said...

LOL. Jumbo jet landing on a table ....
Sounds like a normal family dialogue to me!
Well Written Suzi. It had me "there"

MultipleMum said...

It would have been hard to sit and scribe and not respond or interject? You did a great job with this challenge. I chickened out! x

Anonymous said...

Kids have the funniest, most amazing conversations!

I've tried to write down a couple of my kids' talks, but I couldn't (mainly because I was laughing too hard after the second sentence to hold a pen). Even though I failed, this exercise reminded me how much fun it can be listening to them and to enjoy it while it lasts, before they grow up and start having real (boring) adult conversations. '

Well done for keeping up with them.

Anonymous said...

This is great post capturing all the fizz of a bubbly interaction between siblings. I too love the reference to giant using BIG WORDS. Great job!

Kim H said...

Loved reading this,Suzi:)I hope to join you in the nexk Write on Wednesday.

Lovely blog you have here too.

Suzi said...

Car: Lol! Yes one child can certainly make as much noise as 4 if they want to!

Ink Paper Pen: Thankyou, Im glad its not cheating!

Madmother: Thankyou!

Sarah Mac: I know the things they say sometimes, wish I could write while driving then we would have a laugh!

Lene: Thanks, they are busy little people!

Leanne: Thanks :)

Multiple Mum: It was rather, but I am pretty sure they didnt notice as they dont listen to me half the time anyway!

Mum in search:
They really do! - I noticed later (but was lacking a pen at the time)that old people say the funniest things amongst themselves too! Its just us adult/middle agers that are boring ;)

The Rythem Method:
Thank you.

Kim H:
Thanks, I look forward to reading your write on wednesday next week!