Thursday, 9 June 2011

Please darling, grow some goddamn hair!

Linking up with lovely Diminishing Lucy today for another Drab to Fab :)

Thursday is my shopping day, I head out to the little-big smoke and hover around the shopping centre awhile then do the weeks grocery shopping. I head to Aldi where I try not to throw canned goods at the lady who always serves me then grab the rest of my stuff at Woolworths before buying an iced coffee at the servo and heading home. Same routine every week, I’m painfully predictable .
The other routine which seems to be building with ridiculous predictability is that of the elderly community of little-big smoke to smile, tickle and comment upon The Princess whilst I shop.
 This would be fine, if they would stop insisting she is really too young to be walking ( hardly at 2&1/2) and calling her a BOY while they do it!
“Oh isn’t he lovely?”
“Walking already? Boys are always quicker than girls..”   
“That’s a fine young chap you have there.”
“Ooh boys are such handfuls, wait till he grows you’ll be busy!”
 She may be a little lacking in the hair department but SHE IS WEARING BRIGHT PINK FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!
My favourite today was a little old lady to her husband:  “Oh he’s a cute little thing isn’t he, oh wait perhaps it’s a girl? You can never tell these days, the things mothers put their children in...”
This was said at my child, right in front of me without talking directly to me at all, is it me or is that just a tad rude?  So after that additional straw the camel’s back snapped I decided to make The Princess' hair go from DRAB to FAB and I rushed straight to Best & Less and invested in some of these:

Which look like this on her:

Yes I know, Ridiculous not Fabulous.
People try to make me feel better by telling me their little girl didnt have hair till she was 4. Thats really not very comforting. After three sons, I feel the need for the world to know I finally have a GIRL, and since to the world in general girls are obviously supposed to be born with pigtails, I ask you please darling, grow some goddamn hair!

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Leanne said...

LOL, Been there, heard that and done that. If it's any consolation my daughter now has hair to her waist, but she was convinced at the age of 5 that she was born a boy and turned into a girl ...

Seana Smith said...

Cute, cute, cute... these should do the trick!

Diminishing Lucy said...

I a giggling - I could've written this myself about Lexie (who is now nearly 5 and her nickname is PinkyPonk as she is always always all in pink...)

Her hair is thin and pale adn took FOREVER to grow....and now finally she has a little blonde stash of the stuff...

Thanks for linking up to drab to fab!

Shelley @ My Shoebox Life said...

Oh yes, I had those same people asking me 'oh he's a cutie, what's his name?' - while dressed in obligatory pink with no hair. It got to the point where I wouldn't correct them, I'd just tell them HER name - perhaps they thought her name was a little out there for a boy but they never said it! The funniest thing I found was that whilst Missy went from crawling to walking to talking - family and friends that hadn't seen her achieve such milestones would first comment on the fact her hair had started to grow, and then say 'Oh look, she's walking!'. Funny. Thanks for the laugh at drab2fab

Alex said...

Ha ha ha - too cute!

Mine had the most beautiful hair and her sister cut it all off! I nearly died.

Try this for a laugh -

Becky said...

Ahhh yes. My first daughter got this. Didn't matter that she was wearing a dress and pink - oh no. So, I started putting cute little headbands on her. All the time. And still, some people asked me about my boy...
Just know that when her hair does grow it will be lovely, gorgeous hair!

Daisy, Roo and Two said...

Rory is 2 1/2 and still has as much hair as your girl does. I invest heavily in headband with lovely big flowers on them - Roo keeps them on for their "petty pincess" appeal :)

Sarah Mac said...

I had the opposite problem with my eldest son who had the biggest, bounciest, blond curls and up until the age of about 4 when I reluctantly had them cut off was always assumed to be a girl. Dropping in from Drab to Fab and enjoyed it so much I plan on sticking around.