Egg Donation Journey

I started my Egg Donor Journey in 2011 when I discovered my SIL was battling infertility and egg donation would be her only hope of concieving a child. We began our first cycle mid 2012 and they welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world in April 2013.

 I have documented the process in this blog and have the relevent posts below for reference for anyone who might be interested.

1. The Gift Of Life
2. When It Takes Three To Make A Baby
3. Egg Donor IVF - First Appointment
4. Just Between You & Me (and the rest of the world)
5. Counsellors, Needles and Magic Wands
6. IVF/Egg Donation Update
7. Stab Thyself
8. D Day
9.Well That's That Then
10. The Mathematics of IVF Disappointment
11. Two Blue Lines

 The final chapter of my egg donation journey is here:

12. 10 Little Fingers, 10 Little Toes

 Feel free to e-mail me at: lifeandotherwindmills AT gmail DOT com
if you are considering going down this road, I am more than happy to answer any questions.

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