Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Important Things

I worked on Sunday, and in order to make it into town I had to leave early, before the kids had time to realize it was Mothers Day. So my mother’s day was spent in the company of adults with the bonus of being payed for my time, which was quite enjoyable really as I like my work and the people there so it feels like a bit of a break from the mundane.

After work I was supposed to meet The Husband and kids in town and go to my SILs place for a Mother’s Day dinner for my MIL. The Husband called me at lunchtime and said that the bonfire we had been burning hadn’t gone down as much as expected so he and the children wouldn’t be able to leave it to come in to town. (How convenient) I thought that I had better go anyway, MIL and I get on quite well.

After work I trundled off to SILs place, it’s the first time I have seen their new home and it feels odd to be there without The Husband. It’s a gorgeous house, modern and artfully decorated like a page from a magazine. My other SIL arrives with their 4 children arrives, I have technically been part of their family for 10yrs now but I always feel so awkward. I was never good enough, just that girl their brother knocked up. They chat about all of the Mother’s day gifts received and luxuries bestowed upon them. They are all very comfortable in each other’s presence and I am the odd one out. MIL arrives, I’m glad to see a friendly face and we eat. I make my long drive home excuses and leave, they seem relieved. So am I.

I spent that drive back reflecting on family and the important things, wishing I had just gone home straight after work, home where I am accepted for who I am, home with my husband and children who love me, where mothers day means more than lush gifts.

I arrive to a humongous mess clothes and toys litter the floor, dishes overflow the sink and the smell of bonfire smoke is stale in the air. The Husband is reading a story to the kids as I walk into the lounge and they all jump up, shout “Mummy!” and hug me.

It feels good to be home. I survey the bomb site again and smile, the mess just reminds me of why I am needed and the homely feeling beats the perfect magazine style environment any day.

Just as I kiss the kids goodnight one of them asks ‘Is it Mother’s Day mum?’ Yes honey, I reply and quick as a flash the three boys run to their school bags and produce little cards they have made for me. “love you mum” they say , the princess gives me a snotty kiss on the nose and they hop in to their beds with smiles on their faces. “Want a coffee love?” asks the Husband giving me a hug. And as I start unstacking the dishwasher to find a clean cup I think about how much I love them too, more than they could ever know.

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MultipleMum said...

Alas! We are still here. I wonder what the evangelicals are saying happened?