Saturday, 14 May 2011

Muse Wars 2011 Challange 1

Muse Wars, sounded like a bit of fun so I thought I would give it a try, so those who dont know what I am talking about I have copied the following text from the lovely madmother:

Originally started by Melissa @ The Things I'd Tell You, the Muse Wars continued through eight challenges and then faded into oblivion. I did attempt to kick start it again but failed dismally. But I'll try once more.

  • Open to all and sundry, you need to link below in comments. First to list sets next challenge. Anyone can join in, you just need to write a story as your interpretation of the photo in 500 - 1000 words. Can be of any genre - let your mind fly free.
  • First to link sets new photo for next challenge. Or can pass it on to next on list but MUST be passed within 24 hours of previous challenge closing.
  • Next challenge must be set within seven days of completion of previous challenge.
  • Will allow 5 days to complete - so starts Sunday evening, ends Friday night.
Thankyou Madmother :) If you wish to enter too you can hop over to madmother's and leave a comment and she will add you.

Now here is the picture for the first challange:

And here is my story:

Forbidden Love
Alina watched her body bend and flex in the mirror, racked with an almost smug satisfaction as she remembered the previous night, where Raul had held her body tight against his, the feel of his warm breath on her cheek, the comfort of his deep brown eyes staring into hers and she shivered.
It was just a few minutes until the wedding and Alina was expected to dance with the grace and dignity only a virgin could. She quickly revisited herself in the mirror, her make up was perfect, not a hair on her head was out of place and her stunning beaded dress was envied by all the young women in the village, still she looked different somehow, guilt washed over her, surely Raul’s mother would know.
Alina’s sister appeared and quickly ushered her towards the awaiting ceremony, as Alina approached she recalled Raul’s secret visit the night before, the way he had caressed and kissed her virgin body until he caused it to shudder and moan uncontrollably in ways she had never imagined. For a woman to experience such divine pleasure before her wedding day was simply unthinkable.
Alina and Raul had known each other since they were small children and she had been in love with him for as long as she could remember, but as was the custom in their village the decision to marry was not one often made by the bride and groom themselves, but in fact, the grooms parents.  Raul’s mother was a stern woman with unforgiving eyes who was desperately hard to please. She did not like Alina and Alina was terribly uncomfortable in her presence as a result she and Raul had hidden their desperate love for one another over many years.
They had arrived at last, the room was beautifully decorated, flowers filled every crevice and the air was heavy with their fragrance.  Alina’s friends and family were overflowing the room, their excitement causing quite a din, she glanced up as she entered to see Raul standing nervous but composed at the front of the large room. She carefully took her place opposite him, their eyes met for a second and he shot her a guilty smile, he too filled with blissful memories of the previous night.
The crowd hushed suddenly and they looked up, Sharinda, Alia’s oldest sister had arrived. Sharinda entered the room and with the grace and dignity of the perfect bride and took the hands of her groom, Raul. The ceremony was long and words spoken were beautiful, but Alia had heard none of them, her thoughts pre-occupied with guilt and a pang of jealousy, Raul’s touch was embedded in her sole. The crowd suddenly burst with cheers and Alia watched as Rauls mother’s stern face lit up with pride. The love of Alia’s life was now married to her sister.
Alia swallowed the deep sadness for her lost love and took a deep breath in, she let the memory of the previous nights forbidden love bathe her in a warm glow for a moment as she prepared to dance for them, she let her breath out and began to dance, her sister filled with joy, smiled blissfully and she knew she must take their secret to the grave.

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Oh! Sad. Well written though...:)