Monday, 2 May 2011

Dancing Around The May Pole

Yesterday was the first of May here in Australia, it also happened to be a family friends 60th Birthday.
These friends have the most beautiful property with lots of gardens.

and hidden gems around every corner...

So being that it was the 1st of May we danced around the May pole, of course! Well they did anyway, someone has to take the photos. It was hilarious!

We feasted on breakfast foods

and Buzz learned how to cook toast the old fashioned way.

A gentleman brought his new 'old' car and parked it next to my neighbours service station prop and so I took the oppertunity to take this photo:

The kids loved feeding and watching the horses.

 The Princess enjoyed wandering down the garden paths

 Until we eventually wandered home, full of food and ideas for our own gardens.

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