Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Panic Cleaning

Whilst I love it when friends and family come to visit, I absolutely dread those phone calls of “I’m just on my way over” I am kind of house proud but rather bad at it and these calls mean I have to pull my anti domestic goddess butt into gear quick smart.
I am lazy someone who tends to procrastinate a lot bit when it comes to house work and have been known to hide pretending I'm not home when the door bell rings unexpectedly. This has become even more of a problem since I moved approximately 1.5hrs from civilization as I tend to put domestic duties off knowing I have an hour and a half of panic cleaning up my sleeve once that phone rings.
Panic cleaning is becoming a speciality of mine, I can have all rooms including bathroom roughly tidied ( ie stuff shoved into nearest cupboard) within 15min, I can vacuum the house top to bottom to acceptable standards in 10 min, have dishwasher unstacked and re-stacked in 5 and I can sometimes even manage to squeeze some last minute window-de-fingerprinting in  providing of course I don’t  get distracted by the lure of twitter/facebook or someone’s new blog post in between. The problem my husband is noticing here, besides the cupboards full of junk, is that I can ‘panic clean’ rather effectively in 60 minutes, but then I can’t so much as manage to fold a basket of washing through the course of an average day. I was always a last minute kinda gal, all through school my assignments were done very late the night before they were due, and I do tend to be late to most places I go, but of course that is due to my total disorganization having four busy children and a husband to get out the door.
I have grand plans of organising myself by setting up a bench and basket system near the door so I don’t have to run back to the car 20 times for school hats/bags/drink bottles and where the hell are your shoes?  
So here I am, prioritizing well as usual by typing a blog post with visitors due in an hour. Let the panic cleaning begin!

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