Tuesday, 21 May 2013

"oo" la lah!

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As a teenager I spent quite a long time hanging around the local shopping mall, I think there was just something about the atmosphere - getting a steaming hot latte with a friend and walking around clothing stores, dreaming in jewellery stores and ‘comfort testing’ the fancy leather couches in Grace Bros.

Time went by and children came, the steaming hot latte was replaced by anything with caffeine and a lid that could be drunk an hour later, clothing stores became Target Baby, Grace Bros became Myer and the only couches I comfort tested were the vomit stained ones in the Parents Room next to the nappy bin.

More time passed and we moved out to tiny town, going to the mall became a full on carefully planned day trip with every moment mapped out to precision often without enough time spare for a visit to the coffee shop because I have to return home in time to pick up kids from school, needless to say living out in the sticks has some disadvantages.

I had an email from a marketing lady a few weeks ago asking if I would be interested in doing a post on them in exchange for something from their online store – I looked at the name of the online store www.oo.com.au “oo” double o? Well ok then… I thought, not convinced, better have a look at what this is all about. To be honest, I have never really taken an interest in the online shopping world (well beyond E-bay anyway) it was all a little bit too modern for me so I didnt expect to be very keen.
Then I clicked the link.
Wow. It seems that the double 'o' actually stands for ‘oooooooooh!!’ This mob sell EVERYTHING from rabbit hutches to TV’s, it's quality brands and some of the discounts are fantastic – as someone with Sheridan Taste on a Kmart budget I felt compelled to accept the offer there and then! I chose a gorgeous Quilt cover set from their bedding range for The Princess which is perfect as I am currently planning her room make over.

A few days later the package arrived at the tiny town post office and that spoilt daughter of mine enjoyed sleeping her first night soundly under luxurious Sheridan ‘Beatrice’ quilt cover while her father and I lay on the scratchy K-Mart sheets that were nearly see through in the middle.

Isn't it pretty!!!

Not to worry though, because now I know where I can buy a set of Sheridan sheets at an awesome price for us, and while I am at it ‘oo’ sell coffee machines too! Yes, I can just see myself now…sitting at the computer, shopping away with a latte in hand and not a care in the world…
Just like being 16 again. 


Sam Stone said...

I looove online shopping. I am seriously addicted and I live in the Inner West of Sydney!

Suzi - Under The Windmills said...

Lol Sam, its just so convenient! I accidently kinda ordered a new rug today... Damn 'oo', they have me hook line and sinker!I am thinking Hubby wont buy the "it's been here the whole time" line with this one!