Friday, 1 July 2011

For Love Or Money


Gucci has always been the outgoing sort and a bit of a ‘ladies’ man.  He has one of those smiles and I think he has had a little girlfriend at all times since he started kindy.
When we moved to the country, within two days of starting his new school he had proclaimed his undying love for a girl one year older and two head heights above him, we will call her Ashley. She was a nice girl, smart as a whip and very polite with lovely parents. She proclaimed her love back.
They stayed ‘together’ for 6 months which is not a bad effort for a 7 year old really – until Gucci casually told me over dinner one night that he had ‘dumped’ her because she was rude to him at the bubblers.
Now Buzz on the other hand is more quiet around the girls, he had a little 8yr old style crush on a girl in his class for months but he never really spoke to her. Let’s call her Sally. Now Sally is a tiny little thing with a whole lot of attitude – she listens to Keisha songs on her iPod, watches twilight, is rude and doesn’t take crap from anyone. To be honest I’m not a big fan, even less so since her older brother has taken to bullying Buzz at school.
So when Gucci announced at the dinner table he was now ‘dating’ Sally I was surprised to say the least and after one look at the devastation on Buzz’s face, I got a little bit cranky. Short of saying  how mean that was and I don’t approve anyway, I told him in no uncertain terms he is too young to worry about girlfriends.
So when Buzz came home from school the next day with a smug expression and said he was now ‘going out’ with Ashley I had no choice but to question his motives, now I know there are only 36 odd students in the entire school and the majority are boys so there are ‘slim pickings’ so to speak but I couldn't shake the feeling he was just doing it to get back at Gucci.
So being the good mother that I am, I sat him down and asked him why he had chosen Ashley. He replied to me with a smile, “Well she is always really nice to me, we can talk for ages and not get board, she’s funny...” he paused for a moment in thought,  I was feeling terrible for doubting him and brimming with pride, until he added at the last minute, “Oh and she’s rich. Her family are loaded Mum!”
Just like that, my pride vanished with a puff of smoke and The Husband who had been listening in, snorted coffee out of his nose.
Whats the go with these 'tweens'anyway? When exactly did 7 & 8 year olds start wanting to 'date'? When I was that age I steered well clear of the opposite sex just incase I came into contact with 'boys germs' and came down with a case of cooties.
 I guess it goes to show how much times have changed and how kids are really feeling the pressure to grow up fast. I hope over time, children re-learn to appreciate their youth and have fun just being kids. 
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MummyK said...

Your entry is freaking me out! Mine is only 2 1/2 but omg she already flirts with cute guys. Scary! Who started it so early??! But then again, I was running around kissing boys at 5. Oh dear.