Monday, 4 July 2011


As I drive down the highway, the sound of the lion king sound track reverberates around the car and I try and stop it from penetrating into my mind. The fog is thick today and visability is poor.
I travel further along the road, its ghost like feel enveloping the car as I approach to a familiar spot. A windmill is coming up on the right, it is standing proud, alone in its paddock.
 I have always wanted to photograph this windmill. It speaks to me, a majestic old icon of the Australia I love. It appears different every time I pass, but in reality it’s the only stable thing in an ever changing environment, sunrise, sunset, rain, wind, sun and snow. Oh the things it must have seen.
Today it is barely visible through the mist that encases it, but it is still beautiful. I stop the car and get out quickly, I need to photograph it.
As I pause to reflect my shot, I become aware of something watching me, on the other side of the road a group of cows stand, staring at me through the fence blinking slowly with their big brown curious eyes.
I watch them back for a minute, frost resting gently on their backs their breaths visible in the cold morning air, it must be hard being outside all the time. I get back into the car and adjust the temperature. Inside it is 26 degrees, dry and warm. Outside it is winter.


skyelee said...

Beautifully written Suzi, gotta feel for those poor cows, but thank goodness for the car heater!

Suzi said...

Thanks Skyelee, Yes after not having a heater in my old car for two years I am very grateful for this one! I'm also glad I wasn't born a cow - well in the bovine sense anyway. ;)