Friday, 22 July 2011

It's all a bit fishy

They say that having animals makes you live longer, and if we go off that I should live to be 100 at least! I have always been a pet lover, The Husband not so much, but he has been very tolerant with me and realisticly probably balances me out so I don't turn into one of those crazy cat ladies Glowless has mentioned...

Over the years many pets have died of old age and my zoo was slowly replaced by children. So many children in fact, that by the time The Princess was born we had well and truly out grown our three bedroom house and we had to do a few reno’s to make everybody fit. This included knocking down a wall, sadly this wall was where my pet pride and joy was. My fish tank.

So I begrudgingly made the ‘right’ decision and gave my fish tank and its inhabitants to my neighbour, as she loved pets too and I could visit it regularly. We put the fish into buckets and somehow managed to pass a rather heavy 4ft glass tank over the back fence much to my husband’s elation and her husband’s dismay.

Since then we sold the shoe box and moved to the farm and I find myself with empty walls again, walls that need to be filled. So naturally I got the husbands approval whilst in a compromising position during a moment of weakness, and before he realised what he'd agreed to I quickly went out and bought this:

And I plan to put in some of these:
And these:

and many, many more...
Unfortunatly, we kinda ran out of water this week, due to a leaking water tank and a lack of rainfall, which means I am going to have to wait for some rain before I can actually fill it up. I hate waiting, we don't really need showers do we? I'm very impatient you know.
So all is content for me in the world of animals, well, at least for a while that is. Although I did see an aviary I quite like the look of and I was kinda thinking about breeding some of these:

Do you like animals? What pets do you have?
This has been another BLOG FLOGGIN' FRIDAY thanks to the gorgeous Glowless.
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Anne said...

Hi Suzi. We've got 2 dogs. That's enough for now. I would like lots of birds but I've got enough to do with the kids, husband and dogs.

Thanks for the ideas with the Community Day costume too.

Anne xx

skyelee said...

I would love a pimped up fish tank like yours, but fear that our cat would view it as her private 'live' menu!

Toushka Lee said...

I would love a fish tank. I only have one cat. I would like a wall that was a fishtank. that would be cool.

Sannah said...

I grew up with 2 dogs, a cat, chooks, occasional stray cats, a turtle, guinea pigs, a rabbit, and a kangaroo. I loved having pets, but we have moved around so much that we haven't been able to have one until this year when we got a beautiful shetland sheepdog puppy named Bear. It is so wonderful to have a pet again, and I love watching my children interact with him.
A stray kitten turned up on our doorstep on Monday morning, and it was so tempting to keep her, but she started hissing at Bear, so it seemed it wasn't going to work out. Luckily, our vet re-homes cats.
Have fun getting your fish!

Emma said...

Love pets. Have always had animals around. We have two dogs (who are getting old. Sob!) and one cat.
Luckily they are all healthy as I'm hell on plants!

Just Jess said...

Popping over from FYBF.

I've got a cat and two dogs, they are a handful at times, but wouldn't have them any other way.

I love most animals but am beyond petrified of birds. I have no idea why!

E. said...

You've run out of water? Can the tank be fixed or do you need a new one?

We currently have 2 outdoor dogs and 2 indoor rabbits. The opposite of most people we know. I kind of like it that way. Some days.

mixedgems said...

Hi from FYBF. Yes, I do like animals but currently don't own any. As kids, we somehow always ended up with stray cats as pets. I think, in total, it would be about 10. We had fish too as kids but after some unfortunate incidences with illness and cannibalism, we were left with one blind formerly pop-eyed goldfish who survived when all others didn't. As an adult, I wanted a pet but was only willing to commit to fish. I didn't realise how much effort went into it all (thanks dad) and how attached I would grow to my two little fish. Once they died, I had to put an end to my pet rearing days. At least for now whilst I focus on rearing children!

Daisy, Roo and Two said...

I love animals. But right now I'm having enough trouble getting my kids fed iywim! Hope the tank is all fixed soon and that you get your beautiful fishies!