Saturday, 1 December 2012

Mylo Xyloto - Cold Play Sydney 2012

There is something very special about the intense feeling of anticipation that comes over a crowd of 50 thousand when the lights go out and the stadium is plunged into darkness, the screaming stops for a moment and everyone catches their breath knowing that in just a matter of moments the rock gods you have been waiting 10 years to see are about to burst onto stage.
It had been 8 months since my friend and I had sat at our computers with bated breath as tickets went on sale hoping we wouldn’t miss out as we had on their last visit to Australia. Then suddenly this was it – our long awaited weekend in Sydney for Coldplay’s ‘Mylo Xyloto’ Tour was finally actually happening!

We got to a packed Sydney Football Stadium lined up for the customary memrobilia and fought our way through the crowds to find our seat.  

Every person in the audience was given a wristband with a different coloured strap at the gate, they had a funny little battery pack on them no on or off switch and no explanation as to what they were for. But at that moment, when the lights went out we finally found out their purpose as every wrist in the stadium erupted into a mass of multi-coloured flashing lights, the effect was indescribable.  

As the music started, fire-works exploded into the Sydney skyline and massive screens that  looked like neon ringed trampolines threw out images of neon walking men and close ups of the band, and our wrists flashed in time to the music. It’s no wonder Chris is so skinny, its not just drugs, the sheer amount of energy he throws into his performances is phenomenal and warranted at least three sweat soaked shirt changes.

During the set, which included favourites from not just Mylo Xyloto but X&Y and Viva la Vida too, confetti fell from the sky, giant multi-coloured balloons with flashing colour changing lights were thrown into the audience and bounced around, nearly knocking people off the seat ledges as they jumped up to touch them.

“Paradise” rang out with an intense firework finale and the band said goodnight and left the stage, after approximately three flashing wristed, screaming, clapping stomping standing ovation attempts to get an encore later people started to wonder if they were actually coming back!

 Just as it looked like a full scale riot was inevitable, they appeared, on a smaller stage at the other end of the stadium and performed some acoustic ballads from albums new and old then heading back to stage number one and doing another fantastic energy and firework filled set before saying goodnight for real.     

We left the stadium with a wave of several thousand others all heading in the same direction. Some held giant balloons above their heads, lucky enough to have caught a little piece of memorabilia to keep for all time and as I looked at the wrist band I didn’t recycle in the bins provided, I knew it was an experience I will never forget. but just to make sure I bought the T-Shirt.

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