Wednesday, 12 December 2012

HO HO Hum...

Well its apparently 13 days until Christmas. Does that strike fear into your heart too or is it just me?
I have developed a rather uneffective coping stratagy recently of if I can't deal with it just put it in a corner and forget about it - unfortunatly this has resulted in some rather unpleasent letters from telecommunications and electric companies insisting on immediate funds or threatening to send out the hired goons...

This debt avasion isnt exactly intentional, I have lost my part time job due to being too old and expensive in a dying retail climate so we are financially even less well off and it's just all so depressing - upon reciept of another huge bill a sigh of oh crap MORE debt and sticking it in a pile I just don't seem to bring myself to look at again.

The trouble is I have done the same thing with Christmas this year, frankly, Christmas Sucks it is all too hard and expensive and I have put the whole notion in a corner and tried to forget about it, much to the childrens horror, poor darlings keep asking me when its time to start advent calanders... ahem...

We did manage to put the Christmas tree up on Sunday, thanks to DH who found the centre sticky part that all the branches slot into -for some unknown reason, last year I thought it would be a good idea to store it in a 'safe place' away from the rest of the tree. The kids decorated it and I knew my bah humbug was getting bad when I didnt even feel the need to re-do it after they went to sleep, its just been left with the lower 1/3 covered in decorations and nothing on the top or back - this would normally kill me.

I have bought exactly two presents and they were because I was roped into going to a next door neighbours jewellery party and could buy on the spot - I guiltily used the cash from the hidden part of my wallet that belongs to son number 2 (who is saving up to buy himself an iPod touch) to pay for them.

To add to my excuses top it off with rego due in two days, my car decided now is a great time for the gear box to blow up, so I have a friend and his car trailer helping me drag it into littlebig smoke for a quote on monday. The chances of the car being fixed before christmas are less than that of the impending appocolypse and there for with four children and only available transport being DHs ute it seems we wont be driving to the big smoke as planned for christmas celebrations with family this year.   Sigh.
So despite the temptation of converting to a non-christmas celebrating religion I really need to come up with a plan to get in the spirit and create something christmassy but cheap for the kids - I googled it but just got distracted by a house with christmas lights themed to  'gangam style' which I have inserted below for your viewing pleasure.
How is your christmas shaping up, are you a whinging bah humbugger like me or one of those super organised types I would like to be?
Do you find really expensive things ALWAYS break down in december?


Alex aka WHOA MUMMA! said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean.

I just blew a fortune on school fees/ books for next year and bought a car out right. Purse - pretty empty.

Dumb thing is I know that I'll agonise over what to get the kids and the husband for ages for Xmas and once the novelty of unwrapping stuff is over they don't care.

Ba Humbug.

E. said...

I've been feeling a little (or a lot) Bah Humbug this year. So far we have had car expenses, vet expenses and then there is Christmasnit self that I haven't really started yet.

Love the Christmas lights. They made me feel happy and Christmassy.