Friday, 14 December 2012

I forgot to mention the best news in the world...

In all my months of broken Internet, I forgot to mention the best news in the whole world!

You may remember how I donated eggs for my SIL & BIL who have been struggling with infertility earlier in the year?

Just when it seemed the odds were stacked against us, she got the best news in the whole wide world, that it worked -  she is going to be a mum!!

Now she is just over halfway through the pregnancy and has the most perfect watermelon out the front baby bump, we just found out its a little girl and I am SO EXCITED! I know it doesn't matter as long as its healthy and all that jazz, but I was secretly really hoping she would have a girl, I have really enjoyed having The Princess after all my boys so a new little niece to bestow pink pretties upon is just perfect!

So miracles really can happen (with just a little help from modern medicine) and this Auntie is going to seriously have to avoid the baby isles in Target once she is born or risk going bankrupt - I don't know that "but it's pink and sooooo cute" is a reason the bank will except for defaulting on the mortgage...

Have you ever considered egg donation? (It's a bit of an emotional roller coaster but so worth it, feel free to email if you have thought about it and have questions.)

The story of my egg donation journey is at the top of the page for anyone interested.

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