Thursday, 20 December 2012

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I don't ask for much really, the odd diamond or pearl encrusted tiara, latest model Mercedes Benz, another island home and of course those edible gold statues of the cadburys chocolate bar range for my collection... see? I'm of simple needs. Sure I could ask for something as fakily altruistic as world peace but I imagine that would take up a lot of your time during this busy season and besides, I would really hate to come off as a shallow minded beauty pageant entrant.

You see Santa, the wonderful E at Whining at the World has tagged me in a Christmas "blog a long" originally started by Jess from 'Essentially Jess' where bloggers share our Christmas wish lists on our blogs as part of the last IBOT (I blog on Tuesdays) for the year.

It seems that E has already put her dibs on those highly desirable cleaning fairies and private cooking tuition from Jamie Oliver, so this could be a bit tough but, here goes my wish list for this year:

*Firstly - some doubt has been cast recently by my older children as to your actual existence, so as today is the last day before the world ends can you have a brief chat to some of your friends, (the Easter bunny, tooth fairy etc) and prove your existence to my kids by allowing the world to continue beyond tomorrow, thus still bringing Christmas to all. 

* Secondly, can you please postpone Christmas day to the 27th, so we can make the most of the boxing day sales 2012 before the retailers figure out whats happened.

* As per last years wish, The Princess's hair has finally started to grow, and I thank you for that. However, its luscious curl whilst pretty is becoming rather hard to tame and it's lack of length renders it impossible to tie back, which is unfortunately giving off impressions of Fran Fine's mother from the Nanny and risking most unwanted Nit infestations... So this year, could you please provide a magic potion to let it grow to pony tail capabilities before pre-school starts?

*Chocolate. And not that cheap crap either - good stuff.

* I could also really use a literal truck (make it a tipper) load of 'magic erasers' - it seems The Princess has recently discovered her inner artist and my house is her canvas.

* I never forget my friends so I would love to give my friend T a nice present this year - she would really like a Kitchen Aid and its out of my budget so could you see to it she receives the purple coloured one? That or she would also settle for Johnny Depp in his birthday suit with a strategically placed Christmas bow.

*Last but not least, I am really need my Sanity back, half way into day one of the school holidays and my marbles have well and truly rolled away and we have more than 6 weeks to go. Oh that reminds me, perhaps you could also make a few alterations to the English language - those silly nonsensical words for example have you ever wonder why it is that when you are sane you are sane but when you are crazy you are called in-sane, wouldn't it make more sense to be called out-sane? Yeah them.



So that was my first I Blog On Tuesdays post and of course in typical Suzi style two days late. Luckily IBOT could theoretically also stand for I Blog On Thursdays :D 

I must also tag 5 people:

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Sarah said...

If Santa's got a little sanity to spare could you ask him to pass it my way ;) Merry Christmas.