Thursday, 1 March 2012

When the show can't go on

The rain has come back with vengance to our usually drought ravaged part of the world, there are newly formed creeks winding their way through once bone dry paddocks where bewildered sheep stand isolated on little mounds of sodden clay hoping for a little sunshine.

The rain has turned my dam from this (taken a few weeks ago)

Notice the position of the white pump float

To this (taken this morning)

Look now it's in the middle!

The causeway that seperates us from the rest of the world has become unpassable and we are now unable to get to work and school.

We are very lucky though, we are purely work-in-the-big-smoke-hobby-farmers who live on a bit of a slope and all we have to worry about is the ducks who incidently don't mind a bit of wet weather!
 But we must spare a thought for those on flatter ground who depend on the land to make their living.

10 years of drought and now it's flooding.

Our little town was supposed to have it's annual show this weekend, I joined the committee last year and have been very excited about my 'first show', but after it became clear that the sun wasn't going to play nice for us, we had to officially cancel this morning.

Nope, this time the show can't go on.

To all of those with new swimming pools in your yards and overnight water views, stay safe, stay dry and start to gather your tools, it may be time to start building that ark after all.

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