Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Birthday Cake That Nearly Wasn't

I was going to make a princess fairy castle birthday cake for my little princess' 3rd birthday last week.
It was supposed to look like this one...
(image credit)
I had it all planned out to perfection (thank you women's weekly cookbook) but of course when it came to crunch time, I ran out of eggs, my square cake tin vanished off the face of the planet and I was prepared that I would once again have to call on Aunt Sara Lee to come to the rescue, just like last year and the year before that.

In a hopeful last ditch effort I raided the recently barron chicken's coop and my thoughtful feathered babies had bestowed two whole eggs upon me! I then set to work attempting a slightly smaller and now round bottomed fairy princess castle cake.

Hours of careful sculpting and ice cream cone balancing later, it looked exactly like someone had thrown up an un-iced wedding cake.

I then did what any other self respecting mummy would do and threw a tantrum, ate half a block of chocolate and had a coffee while the husband shook his head at me saying helpfully 'you do this every year.'

So avoiding the urge to hurt him physically I returned to the kitchen and flicked through the book hoping to come up with a way of saving the cake that my last two eggs had made.

Then I saw it. On the back inside cover was a tiny glimmer of hope - little pictures of the front covers of all the WW books on the market, I had found the answer!

I looked at the two squarish slabs placed awkwardly on the top of the round bottom and my mind did that picture -anagram thing you always see on The Simpsons, I held the round cake on top of the two squarish slabs and smiled, I was saved.

After some freezing and some fancy skewer work, I iced the cake and then proceeded to cover up the dodgy icing with tiny 1/2 marshallows, added some more decorative lollies/ cover up flowers and I was done.

Taa Daa!

and while it might not be up to the proffessional standards of some of you amazing mummy- blogger-come-birthday-cake-queens, I am bloody proud of it :)

Are you a mummy-blogger-come-birthday-cake-queen?
Do you hate baking as much as me?
How awesome is my toadstool?

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alliecat said...

Definitely awesome. My cakes never look like the book either, but if you tkae the comparison picture away, they stand alone quite nicely, and most important, the kids love them, so well done you!