Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Heart Be Still - Valentines Day

In all of our 11 years together, I don't think the Husband has only ever given me 1 valentines gift,
He did give me flowers once,
But it wasn't valentines day - that was when  I gave birth to our first child.

I was generally put off by an Ex boyfriend who became an ex after buying me gorgeous expensive longere for V day one year, while this sounds lovely it was tainted by the fact that he bought me an A cup bra when I was a C cup - I would have forgiven him for being male if he hadn't launched into a speil about how the sales assistent was asking him if he was SURE that was my size and he the all knowing one KNEW it was. Bah!

So when I sit down and ponder this 'day of love' I think valentines day is an over commercialised greeting card holiday, A cup bra's and that it would be silly to exchange gifts purely to line the pockets of the retail giants.

But then the women inside me peeks through and thinks... it would be kinda nice to do somthing special... you know, just once?

I will admit that The Husband did propose to me on Valentines Day, oh it was SO romantic! I was making dinner in the kitchen when he walked in and asked me what we were eating, I told him, he replied 'great' and then said "So you still want to marry me, right?" and I was like "yeah..." and he goes oh good and pulls out a ring box from his pocket.

I go into OH MY GOD!! mode and carefully opened the box, inside was the prettiest pair of garnet earrings you have ever seen in your life.

To say I was dissapointed would have been an understatement, but true to form I smiled politely, told him they were beautiful and felt like crying.

THEN the bugger pulls out another box, "just kidding!" he winks at me - and there was the ring.

I think that (and the fact that #2 was on the way) was one of the many reasons I said yes, he can always make me laugh.

So I will give him points for that one I suppose, this year however I went out and bought myself a $5.99 red patio rose from Aldi.

Happy Valentines Day to me  :) And to you!

What was your best valentines?
Do you celebrate this greeting card holdiday?

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