Monday, 31 October 2011

The Broken Chair

This chair is symbolic of my life

A little bit damaged, tentatively mended but still capable of holding together all by itself. Until somebody pushes it a little bit too hard and its pieces fall to the floor,

The pieces of my life, like the pieces of the chair have been picked up again and again.

Gently put back into the right places by the people who care.

While my fragility has mostly passed through that time that supposedly heals all wounds, I have been glued back together to make me stronger and I know that my family will once again pick up my pieces and re-build me should I ever come unstuck.

Just like the chair.


Sarah Mac said...

That's such a beautiful sentiment and I love the photos!

Fussy Eater's Mum said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing it.

alliecat said...

Lovely post, well puctuated by photos with an adorable pixie to boot! xxx

E. said...

It's lovely to have a family (by blood, marriage or otherwise) who are willing and capable to pick up the parts tom keep us in one piece.

Adam said...

With some glue and some push in the right direction, the chair should be a good and sturdy as new. Safer for the kids too. Though she(?) seems to enjoy fixing the backrest together as if it was a game :)
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