Friday, 5 August 2011

Harry, Hermoine and the Little Black Bugs

The school decided to have a Harry Potter themed day in honour of Book Week with games of quidditch, prizes of every flavour beans and the chance to dress up as your favourite character. So with excited children and plenty of notice about impending costumes, I stuck the note on the fridge and promptly forgot about it.
I woke up at 7am Wednesday morning to screams of “YAY its Harry Potter Day!!!” and remembered that little note handed to me a few weeks back, cursed my disorganisation, asked the children what characters they wanted to be and we promptly set about making do.
 Buzz decided he should be Harry- Harry in the holidays wearing jeans & a T shirt that is, with scar done in finger paint (yes I am the only person on the planet who has no lipstick in the house) we added the old lens-less glasses from his magic kit and presto!
Gucci wanted to be Drako Malfoy, well in all honesty, he just wanted to wear his hair spiked up – so he became Drako – also in the holidays with jeans and a T Shirt and spiked up hair.
Then came Felix, who had his little heart set on being Dumbledore. After many failed attempts we stuck paper rolled into a cone shape on top of his school hat which is conveniently blue, and got an old dressing gown as a robe and ripped the stars off some old tinsel and stuck them on with masking tape and added green pipe cleaner glasses. We grabbed sticks for wands on the way out the door.
Worst costumes EVER.
We missed the bus and arrived at school late, I surveyed the sea of Harry’s as we rushed through the gates, with their store bought ‘Quidditch’ robes and waving fancy wands about. The girls were dressed mostly as Hermoine or other witches with big hats and black gowns, they looked fantastic. My kids did not.
We were ushered to our seats to watch the fashion parade and book week awards ceremony and as I took my place next to my friend I glanced down at the little girl of about 3 sitting in front of me, she had gorgeous long blonde hair tied up with pretty pink bows. How cute, I thought and then suddenly I noticed something moving...


Now I am fully aware that nits are a part of school life we will all probably encounter at some time or other but you could see every stage of the nit life cycle partying around her little head, they had obviously been there a Really. Long. Time. It was disgusting.
So I spent the awards ceremony leaning my head back a little bit, trying to watch the children and not to look at the bug parade in front of me. Eventually it ended and the parents were then coaxed into the library and the children begged us to part with our hard earned cash in exchange for some over-priced books and erasers in the shape of puppy dogs.
The children got their books and went back to class and I headed off home for a coffee, broke with a psychosomatically itchy head.  


Jayne said...

I feel your pain. My daughter's easter bonnet this year-worst. bonnet. ever. I used to work in a costume shop, so really have no excuse, besides slackness.And our school is going through a nit plague etm. So far my kids seem free of them *crosses fingers*

skyelee said...

Nits are also rife at my daughters Kinder at the moment too. Have combed (pardon the pun) every inch of
her and Miss 3's scalp - all clear thank goodness. Your description of the little girl with the crawling hair made me giggle and gag at the same time - um THANKS?!?

Anne @ Domesblissity said...

Oh Suzi. Are you kidding me, with the nits? My goodness. Cross fingers, haven't had to deal with them yet but that poor little girl.

We haven't had Book Week yet either but my daughter changed her mind at the last minute last year and she went from being a Paleontologist to Dorothy from Wizard of Oz at about 5pm on the Sunday afternoon. I never sewed a dress together as quickly as I did that Dorothy dress. I've been asking her every week since what she wants to go as this year! LOL

Anne xx

MultipleMum said...

I am a new HP fan. Nugget dressed as him for his bookweek this year too.

Did you say anything to the parent of Miss Nits? Most irresponsible of them bringing her out with a head full of nits and not hat or scarf or anything to reduce the sharing! x