Monday, 22 August 2011

Don't let the bed bugs bite...

The following is kind of a shameless attempt to score a new bed job application.
Remember when you last got a good night’s sleep? Nah, me neither – I think it probably has rather a lot to do with the fact that most mornings I wake up with an elbow in my ear, feet up my nose and bruises on my back from being poked prodded and kicked by the 3 or 4 children that have woken up in the middle of the night and crammed themselves sardine style between The Husband and I.
Now I have loved my bed dearly, it’s a Sealy – so a good quality brand and it was much more comfortable than the 2 Inch foam mattress I had before it, but mostly I have loved it because it’s where the little sleep I have had since the children were born actually happens.
Sadly though, it is aging. Actually it’s about 30 years old - which is older than me - and as much as I hate to think about it, I was probably even conceived in it as it was handed down from my mother about a decade ago so she could upgrade herself to the latest Sealy Posturepedic something or other.
Considering it’s vintage and its recent promotion to part-time trampoline, it had held up really, really well until recently when the springs decided enough was enough and started to try and make a break for it. We thwarted their efforts for a while by flipping over the mattress where we were instantly reminded of the unplanned homebirth of my third son and it was then that we decided that it just might be time for a new bed. Ah that bed has seen many things... Thank god it can’t talk.
But sadly we are just not in the position right now to go off replacing our bed, so we have been left with a few options:
Option 1.) Wait another 10 years for mum to upgrade her current model and hope we can manage the chiropractic bills in the meantime.
Option 2.) Beg and plead with the credit card company to reconsider that rather rude denial letter and go and purchase an inferior make to last until Mum upgrades.
Option 3.) - And this happens to be my personal favourite – Win one!
The wonderful people over at Sealy are running a competition called ‘Sleeping on the Job’ where you can score a TOP OF THE RANGE  “Sealy Posturepedic Queen Size Trampoline Ensemble” And then they will even PAY YOU to sleep in a new bed and write about it!
So Friends, Romans and Sealy representatives, lend me your eye masks as I try to make Option 3 become a reality! The Husband, the 4 Children, the 2 cats and I will thank you for it.

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Anonymous said...

Given where it came from, I wouldn't be surprised if you were conceived on that Sealy. Definitely time for a new one.
Good luck Suzi. With the job, and the sleep ;)