Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Bella Vista & Other Distractions...

When I first moved here, I would sit down to write and become easily distracted by the view outside my study window, the bush. The trees towering above the over flowing dam, little paths leading off into who knows where, daydreams of adventures with the friends I had as a child and the secret wish that  I could have grown up here.
The amount of times I switched on the computer only to run off 5 minutes later for a photo opportunity when spotting a resident goanna, or for a better look at the joey hanging around, finally outside its mumma’s pouch, the distractions were limitless.

The study is the coldest part of the house and the warmth from my raging wood fire can’t quite reach its fingers around the corners to that room. So blessed with a lap top, I did the only sensible thing I could think of and relocated my writing to a corner of the lounge room where my view of a neglected garden was far less interesting but also far less distracting.

Now I have my fish tank and the garden is taking shape, I find I’m becoming distracted once more. I find myself watching the tiny little red chested robins create a nest in the still bare branches of the lilac tree instead of replying to the comments on my blog. My neon tetra’s swim together in perfect formation around the sunken ship and I suddenly realise that I havn’t written a post in days, my thoughts far to absorbed into the nature around me to pen the goings on of day to day mundanity.

So as spring approaches and the first blossoms begin appearing on the fruit trees, I promise I will try harder to put my thoughts into words, to take a little bit more time to reply to comments and to make comments on everyone else’s blogs.
Until then, I’m off to smell the roses.

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Sannah said...

Absolutely stunning pictures, I can see why you find it distracting!