Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Back on the Blog Wagon

I was a blogger, and then I stopped.
It wasn’t a bad case of “blog fog” or even my imperfect internet connection that ended my first blogging journey, simply that the reason behind my original need for blogging had gone, my life had changed, acceptance had been achieved and it was time to move on from that phase of my life.
The decision to stop blogging wasn’t a sudden one, I didn’t decide one day that I was done; I just slowly drifted away with my posts becoming fewer and further between.
 I still enjoy catching up with some of those people with whom I blogged, people I had never met and yet had shared some of my most intimate thoughts and sorrows with. I pop by their blogs sometimes, most now also lie dormant, life has changed for them too, their journeys have clearer paths and their support networks now branch into their ‘real’ lives.
I am beginning this blog more for a bit of fun than narrative therapy, as it was before. I have been missing it more and more lately and have been stalking many of you for months, so today I decided to jump back on the blog wagon.
So here I go, wish me luck!


MultipleMum said...

Welcome back Miss Suzi! I hope you settle back in with ease x

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Yay - good luck!