Saturday, 23 April 2011

Life's a Beach

The kiddos, The Mother In Law & I went for a drive the other day,
We ended up here:
It was freezing when we left home and so with no intentions of swimming I didn’t take towels or a spare change of clothes.
Silly I know.

Turns out it was a perfect beach going day after all so the children rolled up their pants and took off their shoes.

And got totally soaked anyway!

So we dried their clothes on the rocks while they swam in their undies and picked up shells.

The Mother In Laws Pug had a blast too, he makes odd noises when he is excited, sounds a bit like a squeaky toy.
Hot fish & chips at the park for dinner, the perfect end to a perfect day.


Melissa said...

That sounds like kind of a perfect day - they often are, aren't they? The unexpected turns, the spontaneous stops.

Looks wonderful.

Kellie Collis said...

What a fabulous day! Love the serendipity to it! Enjoy the beautiful weekend, Kellie xx