Friday, 28 November 2014

Happy Birthday!!!! I can't believe you're 11...

Dear Gucci,

Where has the time gone? One day you were suddenly here, so tiny - just 5lbs 10oz of squirmy bub looking around the room with your big blue starburst eyes, not crying but just surveying your new world as though you had been here before, mewing softly like a kitten.
You were a little fellow and grew slowly, always observing with your wise eyes waiting until it was your time to shine. You were early to walk and very quick, you loved to run off and eat anything you could find before we could catch you. The friendliest kid on the block, you always greeting anyone that passed with a huge smile. You faced many challenges as you grew, but took them all in your stride and before we knew it you were at school like all the others, running around with your mates and falling in love with your little girlfriends. As you grew you learned how to adapt to the changes around you and you loved it when we moved to the farm, riding bikes and looking for bunnies, always on the hunt for a new adventure.
Everyday you show us how you can be brave and challenge yourself, we are so proud of you, you have grown into a funny, kind young man and are always willing to give everything a go and lend a hand.
Happy 11th birthday Gucci,

xxx love Mum

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