Monday, 8 April 2013

Old Leaves


See this?

This is an old leaf.

This leaf has many lines and wrinkles, its colour has changed through the short months of its life from green through yellow then red, eventually falling gracefully to the ground below and becoming brown, its final colour before slowly crumbling away as dust beneath its mother tree, back into the earth that created it.

That old leaf is symbolic of the very essence of basic life not so different from our own. We are born, we grow and change and wrinkle until ultimately our life ends and we once again become one with the earth, all simple specs, and particles of energy harmoniously at one with each other.

As human beings we have a habit of over complicating and over analysing the world around us, everywhere you look people are rushing around absorbed in the stress of their own little lives, far too busy to actually enjoy them.

Some feel it is our given right to win the lotto or get that promotion and feel so deeply disappointed when such things don’t come to pass. Yet most of us go about our day to day giving very little thought to the reliance we have on every part of natures’ miraculous and perfect coexistence to simply be able to breathe in the air around us.

Yes I too am guilty of self-absorption, forgetting to want what I already have, not forgiving all that I should and taking the things I cherish the most for granted far too often. But recent health problems and the impending arrival of a new life in the family are bringing about the winds of change within my soul.

My little world is surrounded by colour right now, and each leaf tells a story reminding me of how precious our conscious time really is and how much beauty is unconditionally provided all around us if I will just pause for a moment to take it in.

The thing I am trying to grasp from the world right now is courage. I am becoming a master of theory but I need the strength to stand up practise what I preach and act upon the lessons I have learned along the way so I may grow from them and pass these gifts on to my children.

When my turn comes around to crumble as dust on the earth below, becoming at one again with all those fallen leaves that lay before me, somewhere on a bare branch as the sun glistens in a droplet of morning dew, a bud will form and from it, the great circle will continue.

See this?
This is a new leaf.
And this is me.....

 turning it over.

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