Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Just Be

I have spent the morning childfree, writing and reflecting. There is a red breasted black and white robin that has spent the morning admiring his sweet self in the reflection of my lounge room window.

He has watched me as I have written my monthy articles for the local newspapers, fluttered his little wings and sung as I have typed up all the minutes from the committee's that once upon a time decided to become secretary for.

He took no notice of the cat on the inside of the window doing that funny little meow cats do when they want to devour a bird, none at all not even as I wrote a short picture book story for my nephew.

He then he entertained his own self merrily as I drank from my large mug of hot coffee and admired the budding lilac trees.

He sat upon my outdoor chair covering it in little presents as I filled my roaring fire with wood to hide away winters cold touch.

No worries, not a care in the world, sing a song, fly high and admire ones self. The robin simply danced away.

I take a lesson from the little bird, such a small but such an important part of our world.

Sometimes its good to sit to dance and reflect, to write, to draw, to sing and to just be.

Happiness is taking time out for the little things.

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